The process

ready to make the stained glass angel The pieces of glass are cut to make the stained glass angel.


The suncatchers and mirrors are made using the copper foil method. The various pieces of glass are cut to size and the edges made smooth using a glass grinder. Copper foil, which is a thin tape with adhesive on one side, is then applied around each piece of glass.





Stained glass angel The copper foil has been applied and the pieces soldered together.

Flux is then brushed onto the copper foil to enable the solder to bind to it. Once the pieces of glass have been soldered together, a patina can then be applied to change the colour of the solder from silver to black or copper. In this case, I chose to leave the solder silver in colour.






Boxed stained glass angel Ready to be given as a gift!

I first became interested in glasswork when I heard about a Saturday morning course running at a local college. Twelve weeks (and a lot of sticking plasters!) later, I was hooked and decided to buy the tools to continue my hobby at home. I started off working at the kitchen table and now have moved out to a new shed with workbench where I continue to improve my skills.